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Our name stands for Sustainable Equation.
We provide end to end quality services to make CSR* a solution for your development.

  • CSR consulting and strategy
  • Websites & digital responsibility
  • Responsible marketing & communication
  • Partnerships & sponsorship development
  • Stakeholders mobilization
  • Training
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*Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Vision

1 + 1 = 3
The sum of our synergies creates an economic, environmental, and social symbiosis.

The 21st century will bring major disruptions. And there is no Planet B.
CSR is a solution for all organisations that want to grow while contributing to sustainable development. Our success depends on the synergy of our actions. Let's make a deep and honest change.

We {are} !


    Passionate, supportive, and committed to responsible, sustainable development.


    Acting in accordance with our values and pushing forward those of our customers.


    Committed to finding solutions that balance CSR and business development objectives.


    Always open to learning and sharing best practices.


Engagement letter

Your social and environmental responsibility can become a pillar of YOUR sustainable development!

We're here to help you, small and medium businesses, start-ups, mission-driven companies, and corporate foundations in all sectors. Whether you are kick-starting your ESG journey, or at an advanced stage of CSR implementation, whether you are subject to current directives, standards, and legislation, we can help you become a responsible organisation whose purpose, environmental and social performance will guide your practices over time.

We are also there for you, local authorities, institutions, and NGOs, who need to understand the challenges of CSR so that you can dialogue more effectively with the profit-making private sector in a mutually beneficial approach.

All around the world, we help you to gradually transform your organisation, your value chain, and your business model by giving meaning to your activities, improving your relationship with all your stakeholders, and managing your impacts.

We use our expertise and know-how to recommend and implement an action plan to find the unknowns in your economic, social, and environmental equation, using a collaborative and holistic approach.

We support you at every stage of your commitment in implementing CSR in your organisation. We promise to be persistent, efficient, and creative in helping you achieve results.

By working with us, you'll become more effective and more involved in innovation, progress and sustainable growth for you, the planet, and future generations. Let's make CSR an opportunity.

Sustainably yours,


Our areas of expertise

  • Eco-friendly websites development and web accessibility
  • IT systems, Green IT and IT for Green
  • Business model transformation
  • Multichannel marketing and CRM
  • Communications and public relations
  • Sustainable Development and CSR
  • Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Strategic partnerships development
  • Fundraising, philanthropy, sponsorship, calls for proposal
  • Advocacy, campaigning and events

Our services

We have designed our services to support you at every stage of your CSR journey, from defining your strategy to evaluating the real change you have made. We adapt to the nature of your organisation, its maturity, your needs and your resources.

  • Green IT

    • Digital audit and Green IT consultancy
    • Web development and website eco-design meeting accessibility standards
    • 360° Information Systems Implementation and Optimisation
    • Selection and implementation of data collection and CSR management tools
    • Website specifications
    • Calculation and reduction of digital carbon footprint
    • Sustainable IT labelling.
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    We make your digital ecosystem go green! Green IT and IT for green aim to reduce the negative impact of digital technology on the environment and promote digital sobriety, while putting digital technologies at the service of CSR.

    We can help you reduce your carbon footprint and increase your social responsibility by eco-designing your website, meeting accessibility requirements and selecting and implementing the right platform to manage your sustainability action plan.

  • CSR Diagnostic

    • Strategic audit
    • Risk assessment
    • Materiality and double materiality assessment
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Carbon Footprint assessment
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    Our services enable you to assess your CSR maturity, current strategy, resources, and needs, and to take stock of the environment in which you operate.

    This will be particularly useful in developing your CSR approach and policy, especially if you are subject to regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

  • CSR Policy

    • Statement of Purpose
    • Integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
    • CSR roadmap and action plan
    • CSR Charter
    • Net Zero Transition
    • Alignment of global strategy, vision, mission, and values
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    A well-defined CSR policy should make your approach virtuous and build or rebuild trust with your stakeholders - customers, employees, investors, influencers, and the public at large.

    In practice, you will have a set of guidelines to guide your development objectives, decide on your resources and prioritise the actions to be taken to drive your change ethically, with respect for human rights and environmental protection.

  • CSRD implementation and regulatory reporting

    • ESG indicators selection
    • CSRD gap analysis
    • Data collection
    • Selection and implementation of monitoring tools
    • Support for contributors
    • Regulatory report coordination and writing
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    The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) with its set of ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards), which is now mandatory for certain companies, provides a great opportunity to assess your company from an extra-financial perspective by collecting data on your material risks, the impact of your activities on climate, biodiversity and society at large and vice versa (double materiality), the way your governance manages these multiple impacts, and the corrective actions you are taking to manage and improve them.

  • Sustainability Report

    • Voluntary selection of CSR reference systems
    • Evaluation of CSR performance
    • Selection and implementation of monitoring tools
    • Support for reporters
    • Report coordination and writing
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    Also suitable for SMEs not subject to the CSRD and small and medium-sized organisations, the CSR report is a regular assessment tool of your action plan and CSR roadmap, allowing you to adjust your course and transparently communicate your CSR commitments and progress to your various audiences, avoiding any form of greenwashing.

  • Stakeholders’ mobilisation

    • Stakeholders' assessment and mapping
    • Risk management
    • Internal and external consultative bodies management
    • Engagement plan management
    • Advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns.
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    Dialogue with all your stakeholders is a key factor in the success of your CSR approach. Listening to them, understanding them, maintaining a balanced relationship, and even co-creating with them by involving them in the decision-making and management of your CSR commitments is a major challenge.

    It is essential to create a framework that allows them to be involved and consulted on your roadmap and action plan.

  • Local and Global Community Action

    • Partnership development
    • Network mobilisation and management
    • Project sourcing and development
    • Fundraising, sponsorship, and philanthropy
    • Support for territorial foundations and local authorities
    • Project evaluation and capitalisation
    • Campaigns, events, and communication management
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    When it comes to CSR, you need to say what you do and do what you say. Getting involved in your local community, supporting innovative environmental and social initiatives, and providing proven solutions, all demonstrate your commitment.

    We can help you identify your causes, find projects, and the right partners for action. We build bridges with public and private stakeholders, in a win-win approach focused on objectives and audiences.

    We evaluate your results and capitalise on them in a "CSR logic" of sharing and disseminating best practice.

  • CSR training courses and workshops

    • CSR challenges and regulation
    • Corporate Activism
    • Climate Fresk, face-to-face or online, in French and English
    • Digital Fresk
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • Overview of the social and solidarity economy
    • Understanding multilateral partnerships
    • Civil society activism
    • Stop greenwashing
    • Overview of CSR standards and labels.
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    The CSR approach is a collective one, involving all your stakeholders to varying degrees.

    Getting people to embrace change, understand and integrate the same concepts around sustainable development and CSR can be achieved through awareness raising and training.

    We offer face-to-face and online workshops tailored to your specific needs.


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